I forgive you

3.5 x 2.25 x 8 inch bespoke kiln fired earthen clay bricks, CNC milled oak brick-mold, hypertext, ritual invocation


I forgive you bricks are now available for order for $49.99 plus shipping. Email hunterstabler@hunterstabler.com to reserve your brick today. Each brick is individually hand-pressed on demand before being kiln fired. Please follow the instructions below after you have placed your order.

Instructions: After placing your order, you will receive an email from me on the day that I begin the process of making your brick. Each brick is made by hand-pressing earthen clay into a single unique wooden mold. The clay is left to shrink within the wooden mold for three days and three nights before being removed from the mold. The clay is then left to dry for an additional 12 days, giving the clay 1/2 moon cycle to dry before being kiln fired.

Day one: Set an intention to forgive a particular person, group of people, business, utility company, multinational conglomerate, nation state, or government entity that has wronged you. With your eyes closed, visualize your wrongdoer. Hold this image in your mind and bring your attention to the sensation of breathing. Notice each inward breath as a unique moment in the flow of the present time. Notice each out-breath as a sensation you feel exiting your nose in the present moment. Try to put aside the chatter of your mind and focus your attention on the in-breath and then the out-breath over and over. Each time you begin to busy your mind with plans, fantasies, memories, worries or any other thoughts, gently put them aside and bring your attention back to your breath and its anchoring sensations that are occurring continually in the present moment. Of course your mind will wander but each time it does be as friendly as possible with yourself and refocus your attention on your breathing.

Day two: Visualize all the negative emotions you associate with the wrongdoer as a deep blue torus with opalescent emerald margins enclosing an imperfectly round levitating and randomly orbiting black reflective unguent ball similar in appearance to petroleum oil or shilajit. Visualize the torus leaving the heart center on an out-breath and entering the still malleable body of the earthen clay brick. This process of visualizing the torus leaving the heart center and re-entering the brick should be done over and over on each out-breath until the heart center has expelled all of the black coloration of the unguent ball, leaving only the deep blue torus and a semi-transparent tope unguent ball of much smaller dimensions.

Day three: At this point most of the animosity towards your wrongdoer will be securely fixed inside of the slowly hardening brick. Take a moment to close your eyes, relax your tongue, soften your face, ease your shoulders, and draw your attention again to the breath, using the breath to delve deeper and deeper into present-time awareness. What does the air feel like entering and existing your nostrils? What temperature is your breath? Explore the sensation of breathing with child-like curiosity. Breathe in white light. Breathe out any lingering negative emotions held towards the wrongdoer. Visualize the negative emotions leaving your heart center and entering the brick with each breath.

Day four: The clay will be removed from the wooden mold on day four. Set an intention to let go of lingering negativity. Visualize the brick existing the wooden mold as gently as an egg from a leatherback turtle’s cloaca. On an in-breath silently say the phrase “I forgive you”. On an out-breath “I forgive you for all the ways you have caused me harm”. On an in-breath “I now offer you forgiveness, whether the hurt came through your actions, thoughts, or words”. On an out-breath “I know that you are responsible for your own actions, and I offer you forgiveness”. Repeat these phrases silently to yourself while visualizing white light entering your heart center on each in-breath and visualizing the blue torus of negative feeling-tone exiting your body and entering the brick on each out-breath.

Continue these breathing and mantra exercises each day for 1/2 moon cycle.

Day 14: I will kiln fire your brick on this day. If you would like to send me the name of the entity, or a sigil representing them in a sealed envelope, you may do so at any point during the first 6 days of the 1/2 moon cycle. This step is completely optional though. If you send me a sealed envelope I will place it unopened in the kiln with your brick and it will be ceremoniously burned as your brick is fired. On this day you should rest and let the cleansing fire evaporate and incinerate all of your negative feelings towards your wrongdoer that have been stored within the body of the brick.

After the brick is fired it will be shipped to your address.

Day 27: Your brick should arrive before this last day of the moon cycle. On this day, clear your mind using the breathing and mantra techniques you have learned. Picture your wrong doer. Repeat the mantra:

“I forgive you.”

“I forgive you for all the ways you have caused me harm.”

“I know that you are responsible for your own actions, and I offer you forgiveness.”

Once you feel sufficiently at ease you can put aside the mantras and focus exclusively on your breathing and visualizations. Notice the experience of the present moment. What sounds do you hear? What does your body feel like? What do the inside of your eyelids look like? Examine the present moment and the ephemeral sensations that come with it with non-judgment. Don’t feel a need to label these sensations, just experience them and watch them pass. On an out-breath hurl the brick through the window or windshield of your wrongdoer while releasing any last remnants of your negative emotions toward them. The crashing of the glass will serve as a ghanta to cleanse the air and gently draw your forgiveness meditation ritual to a close. Take a moment to thank yourself for your practice.